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Terms of Sale

  1. The products listed on our bills are delivered to the customer on the date stated on the respective delivery note, which is considered accepted because they were not claimed by the customer on the date of delivery and receipt as to defects or irregularities evident and apparent to the eye.
  2. The guarantee period for manufacturing defects of the products supplied under this bill is one year from the date of delivery.
  3. No complaint by the customer regarding manufacturing defects, which knowledge and perception by the customer is supervening in relation to the date of delivery and original reception of the products supplied under this bill, will be considered or regarded as valid if it is not formulated in writing by the customer, duly justified and communicated to the supplier company within a maximum period of thirty days after the knowledge of the irregularity or defect, and within a maximum period of one year after the delivery contained in the delivery note.
  4. The guarantee is expressly excluded in cases of defects in products contained in our guides/bills due to incorrect handling of the same after being delivered to the customer, as well as the storage or packaging of products in incorrect or bad conditions, and also due to incorrect changes made after delivery to the customer, namely due to painting, varnishing, dimensional changes, changes in structure, etc.
  5. The addresses of the parts, that is, the supplier company and the customer, shown on our bills shall be deemed, for all legal and contractual purposes, to be the stipulation of their respective domiciles, and any subsequent change of address must be communicated to the other part by registered mail.
  6. The parts establish that the law applicable to any dispute arising from the supply in question is Portuguese Law, and the competent jurisdiction is that of the District of Paços de Ferreira, renouncing any other, without prejudice to the possibility of the parts agreeing, in writing, to resort to arbitration of the dispute.
  7. In case of a manufacturing anomaly, the defective product will only be recovered or replaced, and no additional compensation will be paid.