The carpentry and door component played a fundamental role in the renovation project of the Castle and Palace of the Counts of Ourém, with the company Compincar playing an essential role in this aspect. Compincar demonstrated its expertise in design and carpentry, contributing significantly to the successful completion of the project. Compincar used high-quality materials and craftsmanship to carry out the carpentry work in the castle. This ensured that all wooden structures were restored or built with the utmost quality and durability. Doors play an essential role in preserving the authenticity and historical character of the castle. Compincar worked on the rehabilitation of existing doors, ensuring they were functional, secure, and aesthetically consistent with the rest of the project. The Compincar company ensured that all carpentry interventions rigorously respected the principles of the 2000 Krakow Charter, guaranteeing the authenticity and reversibility of the interventions. Compincar’s contribution to the carpentry and door component was crucial for the successful restoration and revitalization of the Castle and Palace of the Counts of Ourém. Their skills and experience ensured that the wooden structures and doors not only met the highest standards of quality but also preserved the authenticity and historical beauty of the monument. The end result is a space that seamlessly combines modern functionality with the charm and heritage of the past.