Compincar’s carpentry work played a crucial role in the major refit and refurbishment of Oasis of the Seas, the largest project of its kind in the cruise industry.

In collaboration with Royal Caribbean, our team contributed to enhancing various aspects of the ship’s interior.
The project involved updating and enhancing nearly every part of the ship, including the installation of new carpets across its vast 22-acre expanse.

Compincar’s attention to detail extended to replacing more than 6,200 mattresses and numerous other soft furnishings throughout the vessel.

Our skilled carpenters ensured that the ship’s interior met the high standards of comfort and aesthetics expected by Royal Caribbean’s discerning passengers.
From crafting custom furniture to intricate woodwork, Compincar’s work added to the ship’s overall transformation.

As the Oasis of the Seas entered its tenth year of service and faced competition from newer cruise ships, the refurbishment aimed to bring the ship up to date with the latest industry trends.
With Compincar’s expertise in carpentry and interior design, we contributed to making this refit project a resounding success, enhancing the passenger experience on one of the world’s most iconic cruise ships.