Compincar played a significant role in the renovation of the iconic Café Bar São Gonçalo in Amarante, known as “Bar de São Gonçalo.” The company’s expertise in design, carpentry, doors, and furniture was instrumental in transforming this historic establishment into a modern yet culturally rich space.

The renovation of Café Bar São Gonçalo drew inspiration from the region’s traditional architecture, seamlessly blending the old with the new. Natural materials, including wood and stone, were thoughtfully incorporated into the design, creating an inviting and warm ambiance that pays homage to the café’s nearly century-long history.

Compincar’s furniture design for the café prioritized both comfort and functionality. The furnishings feature innovative elements such as ample storage space and adjustable heights, catering to the needs of contemporary patrons while maintaining the café’s unique character.

The carpentry work carried out by Compincar in this project utilized top-quality materials and craftsmanship. Every detail, from the ceiling beams to the window moldings, was meticulously executed to enhance the café’s aesthetics and functionality.

The revitalization of Café Bar São Gonçalo, following three months of renovation work, has breathed new life into this historic establishment. While embracing a fresh look and an updated culinary offering curated by celebrated chefs, the café remains a living testament to the artistic and literary luminaries who frequented it over the course of nearly a century.